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ODE Interactive: Extract Ohio Educational Information

You can extract data that includes the names of superintendents, treasurers, or principals or returns the district or building information for generic addressees. If you are making labels and do not want to use all the records that are returned, some can be eliminated in later steps in the process.

Click here to view procedure of importing delimited text files into Microsoft Excel

Click here to view procedure for using an Excel file, downloaded from the ODE Web site, for (mailing) labels in Word

Select one of the following:

School Districts
School Buildings

District Types to be included (If Districts or Buildings) - Must be selected

Exempted Villages
Educational Service Centers
Community School Districts
Joint Vocationals
Special (MRDD, DYS, State Supp, etc.)
Nonpublic Districts


School Types to be included (If Buildings) - Or select grades below

High Schools
Junior High Schools
Middle Schools
Elementary Schools
Adult Schools
Vocational Schools
Special Schools
Nonpublic Schools

School Grades to be included (If Buildings) - Or select types above

Kdg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Enter field delimeter: (Enter 'T', if you want the data tab delimited)
Check this box to enclose variables in double quotes:

Select one of the following sort sequence:

District or Building IRN
District or Building Name
County, District or Building Name
County, District or Building Type, District or Building Name
District Superintendent's or Building Principal's Name
District Treasurer's Name
District or Building Zip Code

To extract data, press this button:


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