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SF3 Documentation (FY2007)

This page allows you to run any of the following reports for a given district. Select the district, payment and the reports you wish to see. This page only works if your browser supports forms.

SF3 Date? (Select one of the dates in the July No.1 to June No. 2 date box):

Note: July No. 1 - November No. 2 payments are based on projected factors. December No. 1 - June No. 2 payments are based on data as reported by the districts.

July No. 1 - June No. 2 Payment:  

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District?(Select one of the following):

  A Specific District:
All districts in the county
State Total

SF3 Reports (Select any of the following):
Note: This data is subject to change and may not be indicative of final Fiscal Year data.

Select All Reports  
  ADM ADM Detail
  Line 4 Adjusted Recognized Valuation
  Line 5B Add on Building Blocks
  Line 5C Formula Aid Guarantee Addon
Line 8 Special Education Weighted Amount
  Line 9 Career Tech./Adult Ed.
Line 10 Classroom Teachers, Training & Experience & Educational Service Personnel
  Line 11 Poverty Based Assistance Calculations
  Line 12 Gifted Unit Allowance
  Line 15 Excess Cost
  Line 16 Parity Aid
  Line 18 Reappraisal Guarantee
  Line 19 Charge-Off Supplement
  Line 20 Transitional Aid Guarantee
  Line 21A Preschool Classroom Units & Related Services
  Line 23A County Educational Service Center Deduction
  Line 23B Community School Deduction
  Line 23C Open Enrollment
  Line 23D Other Adjustments
  Line 23E Ed Choice

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