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Foundation Funding Report Documentation (FY2014)

This page provides reports of annual payments to individual school districts based on provisions of Am. Sub. H. B. 59 of the 130th General Assembly through the FY2014 Foundation Funding Report. However, since the development of the appropriate FY2014 Foundation Funding Report requires a lot of work and as a result will not be ready in the timeframe needed to make the first few payments of the fiscal year, we will continue to make FY2014 foundation payments to school districts through the FY2013 Bridge funding report using FY2013 factors and parameters until the proper FY2014 report is in place and functional. Once we make the change over to the actual FY2014 Foundation Funding Report, we will make all necessary calculation adjustments to compensate for any funding under-payment or over-payment up to that point in time. From that point, payments will be made through the appropriate FY2014 Foundation Funding Report for the remainder of the fiscal year. To access the report for your district of choice please use the drop-down boxes below to select an individual school district and the appropriate annual payment calculation you wish to see. Supporting calculation documents for some of the funding components in the report are also provided below.

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July No. 1 - September No. 2 Payment:  

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Note: This data is subject to change and may not be indicative of final Fiscal Year data.

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