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F2017 College Credit Plus Deduction report

    Each school that has students participating in the College Credit Plus (CCP) program has a Deduction Report generated to reflect the data used to make deductions. These reports show several items of information. First, they show the four CCP course categories and the associated default per credit amounts for the different semesters. This information is displayed near the top of the report. Second, the reports display detailed deduction information by college for each combination of funding scenarios. At the bottom of this detailed section, there is a District Totals amount. This is the total amount that will be deducted from the school over the course of FY17 and is based on the data from the last data pull used for deductions. This amount will correspond to the Annual Amount shown on the Statement of Settlement.

   As ODE pulls and uses new CCP data files to make payments to colleges and deductions from schools, the District Total amount and detailed data will change. Changes due to these data updates will also be displayed on the Statement of Settlement.

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