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Foundation Funding Report Documentation (F2020)

This page provides reports of annual payments to individual school districts based on provisions of Am. Sub. H. B. 49 of the 132nd General Assembly through the School Finance Payment Report (SFPR). SFPR is a comprehensive document that is intended to walk the user through every step of the funding calculation. There are 2 parts to this document: The first, the Summary Page provides a summary account of the funding amounts for each component of the formula with all the additional aid items and transfers and adjustments that are traditionally included on the district payment report. The second part, the Detail Page contains all of the factors, parameters and calculation formulae. We have tried to make this a self-explanatory document which enables the user to walk through the calculation steps by making references to the various data factors and parameters that are contained on the same page.

Payment Date  (Select date for the July #1 to September #2 payment from the drop down list):

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School Finance Payment Reports (Select any of the following):
Note: This data is subject to change and may not be indicative of final Fiscal Year data.

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School Finance payment report Summary
  School Finance payment report Detail  
  ADM Detail  
  County Educational Service Center Deduction  
  Open Enrollment  
  Other Adjustments  
  Scholarship Deduction  
  State Share Index  
  Community School Deduction  
  Community School Deduction Summary  
  Preschool Special Education  
  SFPR Payment Comparison  
  SFPR Cap  

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