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Data Sources for LRC 2003
Data Element Year Origin Comments
ADM FY02 Dept. Of Education, EMIS October 2000 total ADM
% of Student Receiving ADC FY02 Dept. Of Human Services Used for calculation of SF3
% of Population in Admin/Professional Occupations 1990 U.S. Census  
Median Income 2000 Department of Taxation  
% of Population with some College or More 1990 U.S. Census  
% of Agricultural Property 2000 Department of Taxation  
Population Density 1990 U.S. Census Divides population data by square miles. Population estimate based on 2990 census and adjusted for growth based on ADM.
  1994 Ohio Geographic Info. System
Non-Residential & Non-Agricultural Valuation Per Pupil 2000 Department of Taxation Divides real property wealth by ADM.  Includes commercial, industrial, mining, tangible, and public utility property.
  FY02 Dept. Of Education, EMIS
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