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FY2017 CTE Supplemental State Funding Calculation

    This page reports the state funding of career technical education (CTE) of the traditional school districts, joint vocational schools and community schools and the permissible uses of the funds in a biweekly guidance letter for the traditional districts and a monthly letter for JVSs and community schools that details the areas of allowable expenditures in the context of each foundation payment for CTE students receiving services in any one of the following 5 program categories:

  • Category 1: WFD in Agriculture and Environmental Systems, Construction Technologies, Engineering and Science Technologies, Finance, Health Science, Information Technology and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Category 2: WFD in Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Law and Public Safety, Transportation Systems and Arts and Communications
  • Category 3: Career Based Intervention Programs
  • Category 4: WFD in Education and Training, marketing, WFD in Academics, Public Administration and Career Development
  • Category 5: Family and Consumer Science Programs

Please note that since the FY17 CTE data have been finalized in time for inclusion in the FY17 February #1 foundation payment for the traditional districts and the February payment for the JVSs and the community and STEM schools, we are now generating these guidance letters in conjunction with the February and each remaining payment of this fiscal year. Since all of the entities have until the end of the fiscal year to adjust and improve the FY17 CTE data they have reported, the CTE component of the foundation formula in every payment will be affected by these data changes throughout the rest of the fiscal year. Therefore we strongly encourage you to pay particular attention to these guidance letters as they are released with each payment to ensure your actual CTE commitments are in line with your funding and the expenditure requirements in the law. All entities have until September 30th 2017 to finalize their expenditure reports based on the guidelines provided in these letters.

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